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Membership and Affiliation

"I would love to have a boat"! - Really? Then make it possible!
It requires a lot of money to buy a boat. And once you own it, you have to pay for the dock, and you have to take care of it. But do you really need to own a boat? How many boat owners spend most of their time in the marina? How many days a year do they really go sailing? How far can they go?

Oceanus IYC offers the possibility to share a boat. If you cannot afford to buy one, you can use the Club boat with your credit. If you own a boat, you might be happy to come sailing in other waters. If you plan to buy a boat and are not a sailor, take the opportunity to learn more about sailing and find out what you really need.
But it's not only about a sailing. You might need a laywer, a doctor, a webdesigner, translations, music, paintings... and pay for it with your own work or products.

"How can I join the Club?"
To become a member, one must be sponsored by an existing member or contact us directly. If you are accepted one pays a one time membership fee and dues payed annualy. These fees are credited in the members Oceanus account to be available to spend on Club and Member sailing, goods and services. It also allows the member to offer goods and services as well, such as an extra bed on a boat or house or a ride to the grocery and other usefull work.

How are we doing it?
Our Members exchange goods and services on an open account basis. For example if you, as a Member, wish to travel on a Club Affiliated Sailboat in the Caribbean for a couple of weeks and the trip costs $ 2,000, you would pay no money but owe the Club $ 2,000 in your goods or services.

The Club keeps track of the open account between Members and Affiliates. By keeping the capital in our circle of Members and Affiliates we can afford to eat, drink and travel well without the fear of not being able to pay for it. 'One hand washes the other'. We can use or offer most services and products.

Companies / Affiliates: for more information, please contact the Club.

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