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Letter from the Chairman

In a perfect world what would you be doing? Why aren`t you doing it? What are your reasons for not beginning?
Common answers are often:

"It isn't a perfect world!" - "I never thought of it!" - "I don´t know what will happen" - "I don´t know how to begin"
"When I win the lottery..."

My Father and I were discussing the nature of Utopia few years ago and came to the realization that it is not a place but rather a feeling that comes with the belief that one`s dreams are possible. But one of the most painful experiences is to have dream and to feel it is not possible. Sigmund Freud said something to the effect that, beneath every desire lies a fear that it cannot be realized. But it was also Hume the English philosopher who said that the only thing that makes life practical is passion. Therefore if we don`t admit to our dreams we will not have to face the fear. So out of self-preservation we don`t admit or consider having a dream. 'It`s not practical, never had one, unrealistic'. (But a great nation was founded, in part, on the 'pursuit of happiness'.)
So, to begin our 'pursuit of happiness' we must believe the resources or capital exist to allow the dream to unfold. The dream cannot be contemplated without the capital. Oceanus provides the Member the possibility of an environment to do what they love and gives them in part what they need to realize their dream.
Then there are those who have the cash but don't have the dream. If Hume was right, (beyond food and shelter) money has little value without the dream. We spent much of our lives maintaining a good standard of living that we forget to consider our quality of life. By spending time with people who are following their dream we have been able to better realize our own.
In my early 20s I met an old woman on the island of Bimini, in the Bahamas on board her classic mahogany and brass yacht. She sat in the hot sun under her straw hat, drinking scotch, neat. She was a well known author but I don' t remember her name. (When you are that young you think you will meet people like that every day.) She said, "Philip, money is like manure: you have to spread it around to help young things grow and if you keep it in great piles, all it does is stink." She was right! So have fun and remember that life is short. I would love to hear from you.

Fair Winds,

Philip McManis, Chairman

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