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Who We Are

Founded in 1992 during the America's Cup races in San Diego, Oceanus International Yacht Club was organized to provide a means for 'wannabe' sailors, cocktail sailors and cruising sailors to connect educate and support each other.
We created a system of credits that could be earned by providing service or products to the Club and its Members. Over the years this concept has grown to include many other disciplines and interests. This system allows Members to more easily realize their dreams as we take their service and products for things they want or need.
If you do not own a sailboat but you want to sail and maybe buy one in the future, the Club also helps you to find out what you really want. Learn how to sail, try out what it means to have a boat and enjoy the connections and experience the Club offers to its members.

From time to time, we offer really exeptional trips like dives to the Titanic, to the battleship Bismarck or deep sea expeditions to underwater volcanos or unexplored wrecks.

Letter from the Chairman

Thank you for visiting our web page. It is our wish to find interesting people like yourself to join us in our adventures. We believe that the audience makes the art. Art comes from the eye. We want to be around people who live "examined lives" like yourself.

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