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Come join me...

If all goes well, this Winter I'm beginning a sailing adventure of the Caribbean basin, it's history, food, music wildlife and culture... Did I miss anything? Oh yes! And Rums. And of course there is the dancing...
This will be a leisurely trip, taking full advantage of serendipity, when she appears. Members can share six weeks on board. It does not have to be all at once. You don't have to have any sailing knowledge to participate. I am happy to teach you what I know. I am a happy skipper and gentle teacher.

Ta Chaio  54' Cutter Rigged Ketch

Check out the map. Will be leaving from Miami to Bimini and then wander through the Bahamas. There are hundreds of islands that are uninhabited and only accessible by boat. Except for Nassau and Freeport, any enterprises are all very very local with local food and drink. Amazingly, Coke is much more expensive then rum. Is that a good thing?
We will end up in the Dominican Republic exploring the northern coast and then across to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands' Sigh. The nice thing about traveling on a boat is that you never have to leave home. At this point we can ahead more southerly and catch the trade winds to power the rest of our trip. Turning the engine off and flying like the wind is a wonderful experience.
We will be tasting the Caribbean colonial vestiges of Europe and Africa: the West African, Dutch, French, Spanish, English cultures all mixing in the most delicious ways.

I'll add more about the Eastern Caribbean and South America shortly. Let me know if you are interested:


caribbean map